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The 18-hole golf course

The southernmost golf course in France

You are here, the ball is in place, the course lies before you. Whether you’re a beginner or an accomplished player, you have just begun a unique experience.
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The facilities
5,177 metres - Par 70
Practice range with 20 tees, including 11 covered and 5 tees on grass, practice bunker, putting green and pitching green, our course will allow you to improve your game in the best possible conditions.

A rural atmosphere, mountain panorama, blue sky and Mediterranean light... While the setting is enchanting, the course has a few surprises in store for you: steep inclines, sometimes narrow fairways, blind holes, etc. There’s no need to add any artificial obstacles to it; nature itself is surprising enough.

A robust challenge that is always a pleasure. Fortunately, the most humble will play accurately and be able to avoid the traps. This renowned course maintained for over 25 years by our greenkeeper Joël Carol and his gardeners is sure to make an impression.


All information
Discover the Domaine de Falgos course with a video tour and on the map with the technical details (handicap, metres, yards):
18 14 2 4 1 5 6 11 10 9 8 7 12 17 13 15 3 16
Hole no. 1
An instantly spectacular tee shot. Play a draw towards the left tip of the fairway bunker.
Attack uphill towards a two-tiered green (play a higher club for the flags on the left).
One of the most beautiful first holes that I know in France.
Hole no. 2
Severe dogleg left. A more difficult tee shot than it seems. The fairway bunker on the right attracts a lot of balls.
You have two options: play short of the bunker or perfectly master the hook (but not too much)
Hole no. 3
Beautiful par 3 in the trees, slightly uphill.
Aim for the centre of the green, positioning yourself at the left-hand marker to clear the trees on the right.
Hole no. 4
One of the course's signature holes. A very small par 4 with a green below.
Tee off with a medium iron and then hit a wedge shot towards the most difficult green on the course. A fiendish slope to the left and right, watch out for 3 putts.
Hole no. 5
Superb tee shot to play above the “crocodile” pond.
Play from the right marker towards the left edge of the fairway (removing the out of bounds).
Beautiful long green that is often attacked with a long club (play on the left-hand side).
Hole no. 6
Stick to the left edge of the green, play a higher club.
Green with fearsome slopes, watch out for 3 putts.
Admire the Bay of Roses to the right.
Hole no. 7
First par 5, whatever you do, do not ease up. After a welcoming tee shot, the lay-up area for the second shot is very tricky.
Do not hesitate to play short in the bottleneck because the second shot is blind and it is hard to master the target. (Rough to the left, OB very soon to the right).
Large long green often firmer than the others.
Hole no. 8
Transition par 3 to play to the centre of the green.
However, be careful not to play it too much to the right, as balls remain in the rough above the hole.
Hole no. 9
The course's drive... for hard hitters. A good draw will allow you to achieve quite incredible distances (slope, altitude, height difference).
Look out for the small water obstacles that separate 9 and 10.
It is often possible to attack the green in 2, otherwise the lay-up area 100 from the green is very welcoming.
Birdie hole.
Hole no. 10
Another tempting drive that often requires a wedge shot, extremely uphill fairway.
Choose a 3-wood for a flatter area and an iron shot towards an elevated green (always play a higher club)
Hole no. 11
Green below.
Make sure to have excellent alignment.
A lower club with the downhill slope.
Hole no. 12
Second signature hole. Par 5 in dogleg right with a solid tee shot that should be played to the left-hand side of the fairway to open up the angle.
The second shot is often blind, take several steps forward to see where you are aiming it.
The third shot to a magnificent green with the Canigou in the background.
The proud Catalan flag accompanies you.
Hole no. 13
Watch out, it’s the most difficult on the course.
Narrow tee shot towards an uphill fairway.
Second very difficult shot towards an elevated green and above a little lake.
Choose to attack the green in 3 if you have to play a club that is too long, playing a lay-up towards the right of the green.
Steeply sloping green, watch out for 3 putts.
Hole no. 14
Super drive to hit in front of the hotel towards a welcoming fairway; give it your all.
Second shot to play towards a narrower area, don't be too ambitious about the distances.
The difficulties are clustered around the green.
Hole no. 15
Par 3 uphill.
Play from the right marker towards the left-hand side of the green. If you are starting to get tired: play a higher club.
Hole no. 16
Be careful with this blind tee shot.
Get your visual bearings in the trees when you move from 15 to 16.
Second shot with a small club but on a downhill fairway.
Pay attention to your posture.
Hole no. 17
A difficult par 3, long, uphill and in the middle of the trees.
Don’t force it and play one or two clubs higher.
Hole no. 18
A super drive to hit towards a welcoming fairway; however, be careful of the rough on the right, which can be very punishing.
Large elevated green with a steep general slope, stay alert right to the end.
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Personalised quality coaching!

Coaching director at the French Golf Federation, Patrice Amadieu is a regular on ambitious courses. He has retained his conscientious, attentive and rigorous approach from his experience as a trainer for the France Amateur Team and head coach for the Leadbetter academies.

Today, he offers his expertise to others to help you improve your game. Offering individual or group lessons and courses, Patrice Amadieu makes the Driving Golf Academy a place where passion and coaching meet.



Our members
Today, we have the pleasure of counting members loyal to our Domaine among us. Throughout the year, departmental, regional and national championships take place on our estate.

Here, sport not only brings people together but is a way of sharing the values of respect and tolerance dear to our guests.
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